Custom Plastic Fabrication

APE has the ability and know how when it comes to plastics and custom plastic fabrication.

Over a 40 year period we have had experience in a wide range of custom plastic fabrication using all types of plastic fabrication methods.

custom plastic fabricationAPE can custom plastic fabricate in a variety of materials including Polyethelyne, Polypropolyne, PVC, Acrylic, Polycarbonate.

Custom plastic fabrication can solve difficult engineering problems such as Custom plastic tanks for highly aggressive chemical production areas, its also a brilliant medium for point of sale items and advertising.

APE is known for small run or one off research and development projects for major local companies from custom plastic fishing lures, prosthetic alterations for comfort even sound proofing solutions.

You would have driven by APE products many times without noticing! APE is a preferred supplier of services such as custom plastic design and production of utility products and safety products.


plastics fabricationAPE is well known for our custom plastic fabrication including plastic tanks.

We have manufactured insulated acid tanks, Line marking tanks for main roads one of them being a “square pressure glass bead delivery tank” we have manufacture hundreds of household tanks for those tight spots you just cant buy an off the shelf tank to fill the spot.

Ape was responsible for the replacement custom plastic PVC fume extraction unit for the University completely hand made from sheet PVC using a variety of forming methods.

At APE we not only have the materials for custom plastic fabrication we also have the different methods of plastic fabrication and plastic welding including poly welding pipe and sheet.

APE has custom plastic fabricated pontoons for mining and aquaculture along with the fish holding tanks and pipework.

APE also does polyurethane molding in foam and elastomer (rubber) you’ll see examples in our gallery, its the big green round thing it was an integral gasket for the pumping system at the Milne Bay Aquatic Centre , it was impossible to buy one.

  • Heat bending 
  • Blow Forming 
  • Vacuum forming
  • Pattern making
custom plastic fabrication
custom plastic fabrication
custom plastic fabrication

Please see our gallery for more images