Local Poly Tank Repairs

Fix your damaged poly tank with an APE Plastics Poly Tank Repair.

Poly is very tough, but with age it can develop issues and will need a poly tank repair to get it back to working order.

APE have specialised in poly tank repairs in Toowoomba for 20 years.

APE poly tank repairs for all industries including transport, mining and construction using a selection of plastic welding methods.

We achieve the best poly tank repairs no matter how big or small the job.

We come to you.

You can rely on an APE poly tank repair.

You deserve the satisfaction that if something does go wrong, you can get a poly tank repair on the spot.

APE has the capacity to drop everything and attend to your poly tank repair no matter what time of night or day.

It’s important to know the chemistry and technical aspects of poly tank repairs that’s another great reason to trust an APE poly tank repair.

Shane Saunders the founder and operator has been in the poly tank repair industry for 40 years and completed poly tank repairs all over the country for the mining sector, marine, construction and of course, mum and dad households all over Toowoomba and the Downs.

Poly tank repair is effective, cost effective and no fuss.

Keep searching on our website and have a browse through our gallery at the extent of poly tank repairs carried out by the APE and his team.

When large companies need poly tank repairs or at worst need an APE replacement poly tank they turn to APE with the history of successful poly tank repairs, just check out our gallery.

Poly tank repairs have come a long way in 40 years, poly tank repairs now has scientific backing.

APE uses cutting edge machinery to carry out poly tank repairs and has a range of welding methods and techniques.

APE is a member of the Australian Plastics Institute and relies on up to date news and information on poly tank repairs.

APE always employs local people and trains them in the latest of techniques of poly tank repair.

Poly tank repairs save all the drama of getting all the tools out trying to find fittings that have broken in some cases a repair can save on cranes needed to lift new tanks into place, It also save having to get a plumber.

Remember! APE  is your local poly tank repairer who lives and works in Toowoomba.

Our work is fully guaranteed.

We will fix it right the first time!

poly tank repairs
poly tank repairs
poly tank repairs